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Coordy is a mobile app proposing coordination games. It supports research on decision making conducted at the Department of Cognitive Science at Central European University. When playing with Coordy you contribute to psychological research and you win money in the form of online coupons.

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Download on the App Store

You will only need your existing Google Play or Apple account.

How to play

First, download the application on your smartphone. Click on the application and choose which game you want to play. There are currently two games: the coordination game and the distribution game. Here are the instructions.

The coordination game

The distribution game

Collect what you win!

If you play during the paid sessions, the points you collect can be exchanged for money, in the form of online shopping coupons.

The paid sessions are announced via a notification from Coordy. Make sure to allow it to send you these notifications! The paid sessions are also registered in the following Google Calendar

Privacy policy and consent

Our privacy policy complies with GDPR requirements. This means that we handle your data carefully so that it is not shared or made accessible to any third party.

You can read here the full specification of our privacy policy.

When downloading the application, you are requested to agree that we use your data, once anonymised, for our analyses of decision making.

The team



Department of Cognitive Science
Central European University
Quellenstrasse 51
A-1100 Austria

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